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In 2000, as part of the artistic event Déplacer, pièces, danse et performance at the Centre d'Art Contemporain, La Criée in Rennes, Loïc Touzé presents Observer, a triptych that offers three different ways of approaching a choreographic work in an instinctive manner.
The second part of that triptych is a device that can capture the physical exertion made by the visitors of the exhibition.
Each person who wishes to is invited to go by himself or with one other person in a small space of 2 square meters. That shut space is equipped with a sound system and with a choice of 5 discs and pieces of clothes that people can chose from.  In that space, each person can perform a dance as long as he or she wants and use the music or the costumes as they please.  No one can watch them dance.
In a corner of the room, a video camera has been placed.  It records that physical exertion and the participants have formerly been made aware of that.  When they have completed their dance, they are free to erase their performance or to leave it to be used free of charge with nothing in return.  But they have to decide on that without being able to watch back the recorded images.
That concept was presented in Rennes and Montpellier, at the National Choreographic Center, during the Potlatch event suggested by Mathilde Monnier.

march/april 2000
La Criée, Centre d’art contemporain/Rennes, FR
June 24 2000
Potlatch, Centre chorégraphique national de Montpellier, FR
May 27 to June 10 2011
Centro cultural San Martin/Buenos Aires, AR

Production association ORO
Coproduction La Criée, Centre d'art contemporain/Rennes