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Mathilde Monnier et Louis Sclavis

This project, combining music and dance, allows me to play with a new process experimented during my recent pieces (Surrogate Cities and Tempo 76) and which continues to fascinate me. Several screens placed on the stage are used as prompters and serve as visual scores. What creates meaning in this project is the act of putting the dancers and musicians in the same position. Each person faces a score that they must interpret directly.  This arrangement creates a kind of confusion between the dancers and the musicians through a fluid game of inversion. This new technique for practice and writing is above all a way to explore images- documents which are not dance images but stills from films, documentaries, TV programmes, the 8 o'clock news, political debates and even soap operas. This demands a specific approach to writing images which determines the music, the dance and the direction.
Mathilde Monnier

Musicians Gilles Coronado (guitar), Matthieu Metzger (saxophone), Louis Sclavis (clarinets/saxophone)
Dancers I-Fang Lin, Mathilde Monnier, Loïc Touzé
Light design Éric Wurtz
Assistant Rachid Sayet
Light Director Thierry Cabrera
General Director Marc Coudrais

Premiered September 13th and 14th 2008, 2 performances
Festival Jazz à la Villette/Cité de la Musique/Paris, FR
October 8th 2008, 1 performance
Théâtre Sévelin/Lausanne,
November 21st 2009, 1 performance
Espace des Arts/Châlon sur Saône, FR
March 30th to april 1st 2010, 3 performances
MC2/Grenoble, FR
March 11th 2011, 1 performance
Théâtre de l'Agora/Évry, FR
March 8th and 9th 2012, 2 performances
Borusan Musik Evi/Istanbul, TR
March 24th 2013, 1 performance
Concertgebouw/Bruges, BE

Coproduction Centre chorégraphique national de Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon ; Inclinaisons Jazz à la Villette