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1 - Four protagonists who successively and with nonchalant and insolent simplicity perform short actions that remind us as much of the esthetics of cabaret sketches as of the one-minute-scenarios by Robert Filliou.
2 - A stage, a frontal space deprived of all complexity in its composition, announcing a will to avoid the spectacular yet fitting into a place made to accomodate just that.
3 - An audience, as close as possible to the stage, regularly questionned by the actors in a game of complicity which at times approaches indecency.
The piece is an ever evolving score, a work that is perpetually reconsidering itself, coming from experiences that are shared but not controlled by anyone.  
The playlets are presented one after the other without any ressemblance between them, they are not based on a narrative framework and have no dramatic intention.  The actors alternatively join in and come together to take new and different directions, as endless possible entries into a piece in constant evolution.
For each performance, the project takes the context into account and refuses a mere repetition that would likely weaken the energy of the experimentation.  The points of entry are renewed, the questions are reactivated, the form is recomposed.  By means of a proliferation of signs, images, words and fictions, put together according to a system of  mobility and equivalence, the artists question through their acts the traditional codes of representation and that which is implicit in a composition.


based on an original idea from Loïc Touzé
conception and realisation Latifa Laâbissi, Jennifer Lacey, Yves-Noël Genod, Loïc Touzé


Premiered September 21st to 24th 2000, 4 performances
Théâtre du Vieux Saint-Étienne/Rennes, FR
March 2001
Arts Danse Bourgogne/Dijon, FR
March 2001
Centre dramatique national/Montreuil, FR
November 2001
Festival Mettre en scène/Rennes, FR
October 6th to 10th 2002, 5 performances
Théâtre de la Cité Internationale/ Centre National de la Danse/Paris, FR
2003, 1 performance
Joint Adventures/Munich, DL
December 1st 2004, 1 performance
Festival Le Choré-graphique/Tours, FR
January 17th to february 5th, 16 performances
Théâtre de la Bastille/Paris, FR
June 10th 2005, 1 performance
Festival Xing/Bologna, IT
August 14th and 15th 2005, 2 performances
Festival Des Arts Vivants/Nyon, CH

Production association ORO-391
Coproduction Théâtre national de Bretagne/Rennes
Support Art Danse Bourgogne/Dijon, ERBA/Dijon,Centre dramatique national/Montreuil

photo credit Jocelyn Cottencin