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After Ô MONTAGNE created in 2013, FANFARE, a group piece, traces a melody of the relationships built by actions and gestures.  For the dancer, to dance is not only a way to feel the world, but a way to both cross and contain it.  To dance is to see.  To see space, see what is in it, what is already active.  To see one's history, agitate one's memory, and bring it into the present by the movement of dance.

« All discord comes from that men search for their common element within themselves, when they should search for it behind themselves, in the light, in the landscape in the beginning and in death. » Rainer Maria Rilke, Notes on the melody of things (1898)

Concept and choreography Loïc Touzé

Performance and artistic collaboration Bryan Campbell, Ondine Cloez, Madeleine Fournier, David Marques, Teresa Silva, Charlène Sorin

Light création Yannick Fouassier
Musical collaboration Eric Yvelin
Stage manager Pierre Bouglé
Costumes Charlotte Coffinet
Scenography Miranda Kaplan