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masterclass organised by the Atelier de Paris - Carolyn Carlson

The ancient Greeks built a place in the city in order to "see together".  They called it: theatre.  In this place, each person sees, not necessarily what someone else sees, but because someone else sees.  In this place, in order for an image to appear, dancers, actors and spectators must first, together, become seers.  Only then, inside the theatre, do gestures, words, and dances offer visions that exceed the real contours of gestures, words, and dances.

These images that exceed the bodies, let's call them figures.

Just like for a body, one could say that an image is alive as long as "it's still moving".  When an insistant gaze spurs it to change.  When a reserve of movements, memories and legacies rises to the surface of the signs.

These movements which exceed the images, let's call them figures.

We create images because we know that there is always more than the eye can see.  This is why looking at an image is not only seeing what it shows, but also and above all keeping an eye on what escapes, or on what overflows.


As part of the pluridisciplinary research program on the relationships between image and body, this workshop by Loïc Touzé and Mathieu Bouvier is dedicated to working on the embodiment of images, and on their conversions into choreography and performance.  Not to produce a figurative dance, confined to the identification of signs which would risk fencing in the imagination, but rather to formulate the project of a figural dance, that is to say, a dance that imagines the images rather than imitating them, in a dramaturgy that offers the eye its full speculative due.

Conceived for a professional public of dancers, performers, artists and researchers engaged in a body practice, this workshop is organised according to an "assembly by attraction" between phases of practice and of theoretical reflection.

duration : 2 weeks - monday to friday - from 10:00 to 18:00

cost :
individuels :  600 EUR
organismes : 1200 EUR
adhésion : 20 EUR

place : Atelier de Paris - Carolyn Carlson - Cartoucherie- 75012 PARIS
Métro L1 Château de Vincennes

contact : Laïla Bain / Atelier de Paris
renseignements : 01 417 417 07