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Je suis lent is a performed conference that recounts my personal history with dance, which I deliver by delving into the corpus of intimate images which make up who I am.  I go back along my path as a dancer, crossed by the figures who throughout the years have nourished my imagination.

My story begins in the 19th century temple of academia, which I share with the phantoms of ballet.  I then sidetrack down the route traced by the mythical figures of expressionism, and later I identify with the adventurers of post-modernity.  I join the advocates of new dance, and lose myself enthusiastically along more conceptual paths.  Today I follow a steep and narrow road, and it is there, where I least expect it, that dance appears.

Je suis lent was originally created in Lisbon, in Portugal.  It was last year, as part of a cycle of conférences named A Minha História da Dança, organized by Forum Dança and O Rumo do Fumo, that I tested it for the first time in its portugese version.  It was later performed in March at the Teatro Valle Occupato in Rome, translated into italien.

conference performed by Loïc Touzé
artistic collaboration Eric Didry and Anne Lenglet