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Workshop#2 Unhinge the images

Loïc Touzé and Mathieu Bouvier

Part of a pluridisciplinary research program on the relationship between image and body, and aimed at professional dancers and artists, the workshops proposed by Loïc Touzé and Mathieu Bouvier are focused on the work of incorporating images and on their choreographic and performative conversions, from the perspective of a dance which is not figurative but figural, meaning that the dance imagines images rather than imitating them.

After a first workshop around the incorporation of figures (#0 : release the images, 2010) and a second around cinematographic imagination (#1 : un/edit the images, 2011), this third edition, entitled workshop#2 : unhinge the images, proposes to create a methodology for performance : to acquire choreographic and dramaturgical skills based on the strategies of figurability that a profound study of the mechanisms of imagination can provide.

«As specialists of incorporation, dancers inform us on the porosity of the human body in a world saturated with images : if, as subjects of imagination, our minds are assailed with images, our bodies are also permeated by them.» (Mathieu Bouvier)

Loïc Touzé is an artist and choreographer ; he has been developing his activity with his association Oro created in 1991 and established in Nantes since
2010. Loïc Touzé has initiated numerous projects in collaboration with artists from the choreographic field, but also from the fields of contemporary
music and visual arts. Since the beginning of the twenty-first century he has created the choreographic pieces Morceau, Love, Elucidation, 9, Un saut désordonné
and La Chance.
Education and the circulation of choreographic culture are an essential part of his work. He teaches regularly at professional educational structures in
France (CNDC in Angers, the Théâtre National de Bretagne, ex.e.r.ce Montpellier) and around the world (Russia, Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal).

Artist, filmmaker, researcher
Visual artist and graduate of the art schools of Saint-Etienne and Lyon, as well as of the Fresnoy and the SNAC of Tourcoing, Mathieu Bouvier is an artist,
filmmaker, photographer, scenographer, and independant researcher. His work has been presented in public art centres and in private residencies. He
regularly frequents contemporary dance, as a filmmaker, scenographer, and artistic collaborator, and progressively orients his work and his research
towards the notion of the «figure», or the conversion of signs between body, image, and language.

Registration details
This workshop is part of professional training and will lead to a training agreement and a training certificate.
audience professional dancers and performers
number of participants 14
dates from august 25th to september 1st 2012 (half days the 25 and 1st, day off the wednesday 29)
duration 6 days - 7h/day, 42h
location La Voilerie Danses, Arzon (Morbihan, 56)
rate EUR 550 / This training can be supported by the professional training funds (contact the organization you depend on).
accommodation EUR 150, accomodation in a rented house, 2 persons/room
(transports and meals remain the responsibility of the participants)

For further informations, please contact the association Oro - Loïc Touzé.
Send a letter and CV only by mail to :
Applications must be received before June 1st .
A reply will be sent to you by June 10th at latest.

The Workshop #2 Unhinge the images is co-organized by ADDAV 56 and association Oro - Loïc Touzé, in collaboration with the Voilerie Danses.