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WORKSHOP 1: un/edit the images

Mathieu Bouvier and Loïc Touzé

Following the previous «workshop # 0: release the images,» Loïc Touzé and Mathieu Bouvier propose, for this second edition, a new investigation into the relationships between bodies and images, oriented towards the logic of incorporation of the cinematographic imagination.

Probably because it is - as is dance - an art of the moving image, cinema has become a universal reservoir of gestures, forms of identification for the imagination and for the bodies of the twentieth century. A power of hypnotic capture, cinema insinuates its stories into our memories, kneads our bodies with its images, and informs our thinking through its editing effects. The idea behind un/edit the images is first to understand the manufacturing of representation in its relation to the manufacturing of the body.

Articulated by a series of workshops both theoretical and practical, «Workshop # 1: un/edit the images» is also a space for research and experimentation, which could contain, for example, guidelines such as: «To choose a sequence from a film in our personal film archives. Un/edit it to update the formal and dramatic mecanisms.
Consider the cinematographic grammar of the frame, the movement, the connection, the rhythm, the composite times, the editing. Convert this cinematographic data into dance strategies, acts of performance. Search for how the effects of this syntax could move or be converted in the field of theatrical and choreographic composition.

And finally, see what appears, perhaps that which closely links bodies and images: the power of the figure.

This workshop is part of professional training and will lead to a training agreement and a training certificate.
professional dancers and performers
number of participants
from august 27 to september 3 2011 (half days the 27 and 3, day off the wednesday 31)
6 days - 7h/day, 42h
location L
a Voilerie Danses, Arzon (Morbihan, 56)
EUR 500 / This training can be supported by the professional training funds (contact the organization you depend on)
EUR 120, accomodation in a rented house (transports and meals remain the responsibility of the participants)
For further informations, please contact the association Oro - Loïc Touzé.

Send a letter and CV by mail or post to association Oro - Loïc Touzé Applications must be received before June 20
A reply will be sent to you by June 30 at latest

The Workshop #1: Un/edit the images is co-organized by ADDAV 56 and association Oro - Loïc Touzé, in collaboration with the Voilerie Danses, with the support of Spectacle Vivant en Bretagne.