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This project proposes to reunite artists, researchers and, on a larger scale, anyone who has a professional practice involving the body, to exchange their knowledge and approaches.

The project’s underpinning aim is to improve circulation and dialogue in the exchange of knowledge about the body, that is to be performed in some way, and restoring the role of the citizen in the production of knowledge and practice involving the body.

“Around the table” will take the form of an artistic event which will travel around France and abroad, in order to capture the multiplicity of knowledge and uses involving the body in a variety of cultural contexts.
Anne Kerzerho and Loïc Touzé, 2008

Conceived by Anne Kerzerho and Loïc Touzé in 2008, Around the table  is now a project held in collectivity. The danse association Çati in Istanbul and implement Around the table along together with ORO  in France and abroad.
The project gathers since july 2010 about 100 artists, researchers, dramaturges, architects (...) of different nationalities.
The process is held in association with the Organizer. The international team of Around the table  joins a local team who drives the process, during the preparation and the meetings.
Thought at a city scale, Around the table propose the inhabitants to speak their relation to their body and their own skills like a narration. These narratives are opened to audience at the end of the process.

NANTES edition run by association ORO
trial presented June 23rd 2011 at TU/Nantes, FR
creation January 27th 2012 at TU/Nantes, FR

ISTANBUL edition run by associations Cati and Taldans
trial presented March 7th 2011 at Studio Karakoy/Istanbul, TR
premiered October 22nd 2011 at Festival Idans/Istanbul, TR

BERLIN edition run by collectif
August 24th 2011 at Festival TanzImAugust/Berlin, DE
August 19th 2012 at Festival TanzImAugust/Berlin, DE

LEUVEN edition run by STUK
October 22nd and 23rd 2012 at Festival Move me, STUK/Louvain BE

ATHENES edition run by the MIR festival and by association ORO
December 13rd 2012 at MIR Festival/Athènes GR

ANGERS edition run with the CNDC Angers-direction Emmanuelle Huynh and the students of Essais-Master
June 26th 2013 at CNDC/Angers FR

BUENOS AIRES edition run by Festival International Buenos Aires
October 14th 2013 at Espacio Ecléctico with FIBA / Buenos Aires AR

MONTREAL  edition run by festival Les Escales improbables
September 8th, 9th 2014 at Agora de la danse / Montréal CA

MONTPELLIER edition run by CCN de Montpellier
May 20th, 21th 2015 at CCN de Montpellier Languedoc Roussillon FR

edition run by LOUMA/Alain Michard and Au bout du Plongeoir within the framework of the collaboration Nantes / Rennes 
October 17th2014 at Au bout du Plongeoir / Tizé FR
March 27th 2015 at La Criée / Rennes FR
April 30th at Champs libres / Rennes FR
June 14th 2015 at Au bout du Plongeoir - festival Parcours tout court / Tizé FR

NANTES edition run by ORO within the framework of the collaboration Nantes / Rennes
June 19th, 20th 2015 at Péage sauvage / Nantes FR

PARIS 8 edition run by danse department of Université Paris 8
24, 25 mars 2016 at Université Paris 8 during La semaine des arts / Saint-Denis FR

edition run by O Rumo do Fumo
October 1st, 2nd  2016 with le Teatro Maria Matos

With the support of  Institut Français, of the city of Nantes, of Istanbul Europe Express, of TU/Nantes, of Cimetta Funds, of Idans Festival, of TanzImAugust Festival