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Mathieu Bouvier and Loïc Touzé

Dance specializes in incorporation ; in this sense, it can inform us of the body's porosity in a world saturated with images.  What images are we made of? What do we know about their long history? What powers do we grant them? How do these images look at us? How do they shape our bodies? Do they inform or deform our gestures and our relation to the world?

If working on the body implies relaxing muscles and releasing tension, the work involved in dance implies, perhaps, releasing images. Releasing images, not to cleanse the body of them -we reject all notions of purity- but to deliver the signs incorporated within them and to let them rise to the surface like shapes.

Body and image have the fertile idea of shape in common, which should be understood both literally and figuratively. Not only the body in its appearance, but also as a meaningful detour, a trope for conversion, changing the invisible into the visible.

This workshop is constructed in parallel between time for practical aspects and moments for theoretical reflection. It proposes a series of experimental frameworks that allow for a deep exploration of the intertwining forces of image and body.
The process of physical preparation is based on somatic practises (yoga, release technique) as well as on a dynamic, collaborative method known as "Pillow Training".
Pillow Training is a training method which allows work on motor functions by means of a "weight enactment" process created by a cushion which is manipulated, thrown, supported etc. Done alone, in pairs or in larger groups, this method involves the body in all the aspects of a relationship: kinaesthetic empathy, listening and co-ordination. On the whole, the proposed physical exercises allow the body to be experienced as a space and a relationship, as a configuration and a transfiguration, all properties that it shares with the image.

The periods of theoretical reflexion are conceived as illustrated presentations using numerous documents, like a circuit of curiosity freely crossing all the social studies in order to question the notions of image and body. 

The artistic and choreographic frameworks employed in the work are collective games based on shared fictions, aimed at producing virtual choreography, dreamed of dances, potential shapes, all of which are released images.
Mathieu Bouvier and Loïc Touzé

audience training course open to professional dancers and performers
dates august 28 to september 4 2010
number of participants limited to 20

The Workshop 0: Release the Images is organised by Spectacle Vivant en Bretagne
in cooperation with the association Oro - Loïc Touzé and the Voilerie Danses