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Mathilde Monnier, Loïc Touzé et Tanguy Viel

Doubtlessly, nothing can replace cinema. But maybe, by combining dance and writing, we can outline the contours of our love of cinema. Using dance improvisations, Mathilde Monnier and Loïc Touzé confront a text written by a slightly odd cinema fan, read by Tanguy Viel. Together they create a « top ten » of their favourite films using evocative choreography and writing. Parading across the stage as across a screen but in 3 dimensions, the silhouettes of Charlie Chaplin and the mad Pierrot, those of John Wayne and Gena Rowlands.

Texts and performance Tanguy Viel
Choreography and performance Mathilde Monnier and Loïc Touzé
Light design Eric Wurtz
Sound Director Antonin Clair

Premiered May 12th 2009, 1 performance
Festival Agitato, Triangle, plateau pour la Danse/Rennes, FR
March 11th to 13th 2010, 3 performances
Festival Les Antipodes, le Quartz/Brest, FR
CCN/Montpellier, FR
April 17 2011, 1 performance
Le Grand R Scène Nationale/La Roche sur Yon, FR

April 26th to 30th 2011, 5 performances
T2G CDN/Gennevilliers, FR

January 21st 2012, 1 performance
Espace 1789/Saint Ouen, FR
January 27th 2012, 1 performance
MacVal/Vitry sur Seine, FR

September 28th and29th 2012, 2 performances
Festival Actoral/Marseille FR
February 8th 2013, 1 performance
festival Artdanthé, Théâtre de Vanves FR
February 19th 2013, 1 performance
Théâtre Agora, Evry FR
March 15th 2013, 1 performance
Comédie de Béthune FR / "L'Alternative - Loïc Touzé"
April 25th 2013, 1 performance
Biennale de la Gironde/Libourne, FR

Production Centre Chorégraphique National/Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon

photo credit Marc Coudrais