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Rita Quaglia


This solo, of a length of about 50 minutes, was elaborated in collaboration with Loïc Touzé, based on a personalised reinterpretation of his piece 9, a choreographic work for 9 performers, created in 2007 at the Theatre National of Brittany. It has benefitted from the financial support of the CCN of Marseille, the CNDC of Angers in the frame of the open studio program and the CCN of Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon as part of the Choreographic Writing and Research Residency (ReRc) program. The first stage of the work took place at the Abattoirs d’Angers in November 2008, the second in Montpellier in March 2009 and the third at the Garage in Rennes in June 2009.

This solo deals with both an intimate experience, calling upon my individual performance skills, and with a more common experience based on my place as an informed spectator” This hypothesis of reinterpretation on a reduced scale, passing from the form of a documentary to that of a performance takes on the challenge of writing a solo piece that is sufficiently evocative of a work conceived for several performers. It not only questions my own memory, but also that of the performers who participated in 9; performers who I interviewed one by one in order to better understand how they had confronted the different suggestions made in the work and how, with each interpretation, they had intimately worked with it to present the intentions implicit in the choreography. The evocative power of the words of these women talking about their memories, sometimes expressing themselves with the gestures that come before words, managed to render the different physical and emotional states they had experienced during the creation almost palpable. This incited me to use these recorded accounts as the basis for our sound material, on which I could base my work throughout the process of research and creation.

Rita Quaglia

A project by and with Rita Quaglia
Artistic collaboration Loïc Touzé
Sound score Henri-Bertrand Lesguillier
Editing and recording by Lluis Ayet
Contribution Carole Perdereau

Supports of CCN de Marseille, CNDC/Angers under the auspices of the open studio program and the CCN/Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon as part of the Choreographic Writing and Research Residency/ReRc programme.