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It is principally through transmision that I have increased my knowledge of dance. I have often had to let go of what dance has instilled in me and this act of abandon, of letting go is a constituent part of my artistic training. It is in the sharing of information with the students that skills and knowledge are replayed and transformed. The framework of training is very often a privilege ; outside of the need to produce something, it favours the open-mindedness of an adventurous spirit. The workshop takes on its literal sense as an experimental space. I teach mainly in professional contexts in France and throughout the world, but I am also often requested to lead amateur workshops organised by various cultural organisations or to assist with the training of other trainers. I am always happy to respond to these requests. I consider that it is one of my responsibilities to intervene artistically in these places.
Loïc Touzé

Loïc Touzé has participated notably in the following institutions:

Ex.e.r.ce CCN in Montpellier/FR directed by Mathilde Monnier
Essais and F.A.C. CNDC in Angers/FR directed by Emmanuelle Huynh
PEPCC Forum Dança in Lisbon/PT directed by Cristina  Santos
ImPulsTanz in Vienna/AU directed by Karl Regensburger
TESKH Summer School in Moscow/RU directed by Tatiana Gordeeva
Accademie Nazionale di danza in Rome/IT
Instituto Universitario Nacional De Arte in Buenos Aires/AR

and from January 2014 at Institut supérieur des Arts et des Chorégraphies at Académie Royale of Brussels.


May 12th and 13th 2012
Workshop within Extension sauvage, project initiated by Figure Project around Combourg/Bretagne FR

June 4th to 7th 2012
Workshop "Esthétique et politique", within the Universitary diploma "Art, danse et performance" of the University of Franche Comté/Besançon FR, in collaboration with CCNFCB/ Belfort FR

June 18th to 23rd 2012
Workshop around the students projects of the PEPCC forming, Forum Dança/Lisbonne, PT

August 25th to September 1st 2012
Workshop Hallucinate the images, conducted by Loïc Touzé and Mathieu Bouvier in cooperation with ADDAV56 and La Voilerie Danses, aimed to professionals dancers, La Voilerie Danses/Arzon FR

October 12th to 17th 2012
Workshop around Love, for professional dancers, CND/Paris FR



January 19 2010

Discussion meeting with the instructors of Bac Danse on the subject “How to Talk About Dance?" / Le Grand R/La Roche-sur-Yon FR

January 14 and 15 2010
Participation in two days of study organised by  Forum Dança on the question of  “The European PEPCC training”/Lisbon PT

January 20 to 22 2010
Lessons and workshops organised by Les Quais de la Danse association aimed at professional dancers / Théatre Universitaire de Nantes/Nantes FR

January 2010 to June 2011 – 2 days per month
In the framework of the “F.A.C” initial training of the CNDC, Loïc Touzé will take part in collaboration with visual artist Thomas Bauer in a programme in partnership with the École des Beaux-Arts d’Angers FR

March 2010
Weekly workshop at the Conservatory of Nantes FR

March 26 to 29 2010
Workshop at the MC2 in Grenoble in collaboration with Mathieu Bouvier and Catherine Contour on the subject of "A Body of Images and Images of Bodies" aimed at teachers and spectators at the MC2 in Grenoble FR

April 8 and 9 2010
“The body in Exhibition Spaces” in collaboration with Jocelyn Cottencin given in the framework of the further education training plan of the Rectorat de la Region Bretagne at the Centre d’Art Contemporain de Kerguéhennec FR

April 12 and 13 2010
CEFEDEM in collaboration with Céline Roux, Head of Conferences for Performing Arts – University of Rennes 2, as part of the further education of teachers of music at Saint-Brieuc FR

April 26 to May 21 2010
Partial reconstruction of Love and Captation + regular lessons aimed at Dance professionals as part of the dancer training at the  CCN de Montpellier – Ex.e.r.ce directed by Mathilde Monnier/Montpellier FR

June 14 to 18 2010
Course aimed to 1st year students of CEFEDEM/Nantes FR

June 30 2010
Public performance of works by the students of the essai forming from CNDC Angers
and the École des Beaux Arts of Angers following courses offered by Loïc Touze and Thomas Bauer
CNDC/Angers FR

August 28 to september 4 2010
Workshop Release the images, assured by Loïc Touzé and Mathieu Bouvier in cooperation with Spectacle Vivant en Bretagne and La Voilerie Danses, aimed at professionals dancers, La Voilerie Danses/Arzon FR

September 2010
ADDAV 56 aimed at teachers of the first and second degree. “How to Speak About Dance?”
ADDAV 56/Vannes FR

October 4 to 13 2010
A two week workshop at the National University Institute of Arts/Buenos Aires AR

November 15 to 26 2010
Workshop aimed to the 1st degree students of the PEPCC forming.
Forum Dança/Lisbonne PT

December 1 and 2 2010
Speeches and meetings with high school students around La Chance/La Roche sur Yon FR

December 11 2010
Workshop around La Chance and Love with students from Master 1 STAPS/University of Nantes FR


10 and 11 February 2011
Workshops around La Chance for students of the Drama Conservatory of Rouen, at the Scène Nationale/Dieppe FR

February 15 to 18
Workshop around the "community in dance" with students of the Beaux Arts/Quimper FR

March 7 to 18 2011
Workshops at the men jail of Angers, in collaboration with the CNDC/Angers FR

April 2 2011
Workshop "How to talk about dance?" for the dance teachers in the region/Besançon FR

April 3 2011
Workshop around the pillow training, all audience, CCNFC/Belfort FR

April 11 and 12 2011
Workshop around the principles of composition of La Chance, Lycée Cuvier/Belfort FR

April 18 to 22 2011
Workshop for students of 1st and 2nd degree CEFEDEM/Nantes FR

May 9 to 20 2011
Workshop on the link dance / music for the F.A.C students, CNDC/Angers FR

May 11 2011
Workshop around dance improvisation for students of 1st and 2nd degree of the conservatory/La Roche sur Yon FR

June 2011

Reconstruction of Love with the students of the PEPCC forming, Forum Dança/Lisbonne, PT
Stage for musicians and dancers at the School of Architecture/Nantes FR

Since january 2011
20 courses on saturdays throughout the year with adolescents hospitalized at the hospital, supported by Musique et danse en Loire Atlantique/Nantes FR

August 27th to September 3rd 2011
Workshop Un/edit the images, conducted by Loïc Touzé and Mathieu Bouvier in cooperation with ADDAV56 and La Voilerie Danses, aimed to professionals dancers, La Voilerie Danses/Arzon FR

November 7 to 12, 2011, December 7 to 18, 2011
Workshops about solos of students from PEPCC - Forum Dança/Lisbonne PT

November - december 2011
Workshop at F.A.C. - CNDC  / Angers


28 janvier 2012
Workshop to discover hip hop dance and contemporary dance with Loïc Touzé and Yasmin Rahmani, TU/Nantes FR

February 3rd and 10th 2012
Workshop "Du figuratif à l'abstraction" - Lycée Saint Dominique/Saint Herblain FR, in collaboration with Onyx/Saint Herblain FR

February 27th to march 2nd, 2012
Workshop around La Chance, F.A.C. - CNDC /Angers FR