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It is principally through transmision that I have increased my knowledge of dance. I have often had to let go of what dance has instilled in me and this act of abandon, of letting go is a constituent part of my artistic training. It is in the sharing of information with the students that skills and knowledge are replayed and transformed. The framework of training is very often a privilege ; outside of the need to produce something, it favours the open-mindedness of an adventurous spirit. The workshop takes on its literal sense as an experimental space. I teach mainly in professional contexts in France and throughout the world, but I am also often requested to lead amateur workshops organised by various cultural organisations or to assist with the training of other trainers. I am always happy to respond to these requests. I consider that it is one of my responsibilities to intervene artistically in these places.
Loïc Touzé

Loïc Touzé has participated notably in the following institutions:

Ex.e.r.ce CCN in Montpellier/FR directed by Mathilde Monnier
Essais and F.A.C. CNDC in Angers/FR directed by Emmanuelle Huynh
PEPCC Forum Dança in Lisbon/PT directed by Cristina  Santos
ImPulsTanz in Vienna/AU directed by Karl Regensburger
TESKH Summer School in Moscow/RU directed by Tatiana Gordeeva
Accademie Nazionale di danza in Rome/IT
Instituto Universitario Nacional De Arte in Buenos Aires/AR

and from January 2014 at Institut supérieur des Arts et des Chorégraphies at Académie Royale of Brussels.


February 5th 2015

Workshop for professional dancers – 783 / Nantes

March 23th - April 3rd 2015
Workshop for master Ex.e.r.ce students - CCN de Montpellier LR

June 1st – 5th  2015
Masterclass « commencer / développer / finir » - Fabrique autonome des acteurs / Bata-city

June 29th - July 3rd 2015
CAMPING – Centre National de la Danse / Pantin

September 16th –18th 2015
Masterclass Faire des phrases – 783 / Nantes

October 12th - 30th 2015
Workshop for groupe 43 students - Ecole du TNS Strasbourg

November 14th 2015
Masterclass  « A la découverte de Fanfare » by Bryan Campbell – Théâtre Universitaire / Nantes

November 23th – 27th 2015
Masterclass – CDC Atelier de Paris

December 14th - 18th 2015
School residency  – Collège Alain / Crozon

16th 2015
Workshop for teachers - Etincelle / Rosporden avec Musique et danse en Finistère, Le Sterenn, Maison pour tous Ergué Armel, Pomme Piment et Danse à tous les étages

February 5th 2016

Workshop for professional dancers – Centre Chorégraphique de Nantes

February 8th – 27th 2016
Workshop for the students of La Manufacture / Lausanne

April 12th – 15th 2016
Workshop about Je suis lent – Quimper & Concarneau

May 2nd – 6th 2016
Workshop with students of Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Paris Cergy
May 9th - 13th 2016
Masterclass « voir/figurer » – Honolulu / Nantes

May 17th – 18th 2016
Workshop with primary school students about Au pied de la lettre – Landivisiau

May 19th – 20th 2016
School residency – Collège Alain / Crozon

May 21th 2016
Workshop – Mac Orlan / Brest

September 19th - 30th 2016
Masterclass – CDC Atelier de Paris

October 2016
Workshop about solos of students from PEPCC - forum Dança / Lisbonne